The Circuit Training





This timer has been designed to co-ordinate training sessions, typically for circuit and boxing training sessions. We have supplied this type of timer for gyms that operate continous 3 minute 'work' and 1 minute 'rest' circuits that are popular with womens only gyms. 


  • Program with free Android app, minimum version 12 (Snowcone)
  • Loud sounder with 3 volume settings, high, medium and off.
  • Very bright red/green indicator lamps that can easily be seen in large gyms.
  • Android app to control timer using Bluetooth or can be left ro run without using app.
  • Bespoke training sessions can be designed and sent to the timer using the app.
  • Programs are stored in the app and sent to the timer using the app.
  • 'Trainers ten' button on the app to allow the trainer initiate 'fast ten' bursts from the app.
  • Media control buttons to control your music player from app.