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The Home Gym Timer



The Home Gym Timer is a LOW COST AT ONLY 47 battery powered version of The Gym Timer, it has exactly the same features apart from being battery powered and it has only one volume setting.

This timer has been designed to co-ordinate Boxing, Martial Arts, Circuit Training, Tabata and many other types of training sessions, perfect for a home Gym at an economical price.

It features:-

Loud sounder, loud enough to be heard over music and gym background noise

Powered by 4 X AA 1.5V batteries (not supplied)

Long battery life, or example over 1000 X 3 minute rounds

14mm high digits

Portable size 191 x106 x 52mm

All workout programs can be:-

Reset back to the start at any point

Paused at any point

The training session can be set to run for an unlimited number of rounds or can be set to stop after a preset number of rounds.

A 10 second countdown starts after the timer is started to allow the user to get into position after setting the timer.

3 different workout program types as shown below

Preset programs
5 preset training programs with a train period and rest period

10 second count down pulsed tone during last 10 seconds of the train period

User programs
5 user programs can be setup these train and rest periods can be set by the user and are stored within the timer for use again

10 second count down pulsed tone during last 10 seconds of the train period

Advanced programs
5 advanced programs can be setup by the user and are stored within the timer for use again. Advanced programs have up to 3 selectable 'round pulses' that can be set to be pulsed out at different times within the workout period. These can be used to co-ordinate  different work rates within the workout period. Also a 'rest pulse' can be set at point during the rest period, this can be used to warn users to get into position for the next workout period. A selectable count down can also be set to pulse through last part of the workout period.

Click the image below to see the Advanced Program explanation diagram

Click here to view the instructions for this timer to get a description of the different types of program


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A video showing how to select an advanced program and its operation is shown below.



A video showing how to edit an advanced program is shown below



A video showing how to use the timer functions whilst a program is running.



This unit has comes with a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee (return postage cost not covered).

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