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  Shown below is a guide to the timers we produce, follow the links to get more details on each timer.



The Circuit Training Timer

Features a base unit and a remote traffic light style indicator visible throughout the largest of gyms. Ideal for circuit training, boxing and martial arts. Very popular with gyms that operate a continuous circuit training program.

This timer is 230V ac powered

Cost is 200



The Digital Gym Timer

Features large 2 inch display visible at up to 20 meters
5 preset programs, 5 user  programs and 5 advanced programs
For use for boxing / martial arts / tabata / circuit / interval  training
This unit is 230V ac powered.

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Cost 80.00 (battery version is 65.00)

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The 6 Digit Gym Timer

This is a perfect LED interval timer for boxing, circuit training, martial arts in your gym or home.

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Cost 75



  The Deluxe Gym Timer

This timer has dual displays that can be used co-ordinate advanced Tabata training programs. It has an audio and visual indicators to guide you through the warm up, work, pause, rest and cool down periods of the workout. It can also be used for boxing, matrial arts and circuit training programs.

Cost 80.00

The Home Gym Timer

A very economical Gym Timer designed for use in the home gym. It features multi time markers within the round/rests period to allow different workout intensities throughout the workout. Ideal for circuit training, boxing, mma, tabata and many other types of training. This unit is battery powered.

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Cost 47


The Pocket  Gym Timer

A personal Gym Timer loud enough to be heard above music, it features red and green leds to indicate round/rest periods, 5 round and 5 rest periods that can be used in any combination.

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Cost 25



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