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  In my youth i used to box for our local boxing club, Kinver ABC in 1994 this was closed down by the council. Our club moved to an old barn at the Red Lion Pub in Bobbington, we had lost our old ring timer when we moved from our old gym, the trainer knew I worked as an electronics engineer and asked me if I could make a timer as we has no money to buy one. I designed a basic 2 / 3 minute ring and manufactured it, our local boxing equipment supplier came down to deliver some new punch bags and saw the timer. He asked the trainer where we had got it from, he explained that one of the boxers had made it, the equipment supplier contacted me and placed an order for 10 timers. I continued to supply him with these timers for the next 8 or 9 years. During 2002 i started selling the basic timer on ebay which saw my sales grow rapidly, the money earned from these sales was used to develop new timers and expand my range, I purchased the domain name and began to sell my products directly from the website. Since then I have my products to retail and wholesale customers Wolrldwide  
Heres me boxing at Cardiff Town Hall in 1993